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Needs Analysis tool - Clarify your solution requirements
Purchasing Insights
Do check signers have significant pain?
  • Understand pain points of CIO/VP Customer Service
  • Significant pain must exist for senior management to sign a check
  • Giva White Papers will help you "listen" for pain statements
  • Tell vendors your pain. Otherwise, they will ignore you
Purchasing Insights
Are funds approved and set aside?
  • Check in with CIO or VP Customer Service
  • Don't invest time until given iron clad assurance that funds are available
  • Determine what you are already paying for application maintenance
  • Find a cloud based replacement product for less money than annual maintenance
Purchasing Insights
Learn latest IT service desk or customer service best practices.
  • Prepare to ask vendors tough questions with confidence
  • Prod and poke at lead the questioning
  • Acquire best practices fluency: first call resolution, service level agreement compliance, root cause analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, KPIs/metrics, dashboards, etc.
  • Subscribe to Giva Blog & review Giva White Papers. Join "Linked In" groups, industry associations and user groups
Purchasing Insights
What are problems with current call tracking system?
  • Hire consultants/technical experts, if necessary
  • Call vendor CEO; list of issues ready to send.
  • Proposal to fix? Cost, timeline, guarantees
  • Is fixing less expensive vs. buying a new application
Purchasing Insights
What are feature needs/requirements?
  • Obtain feedback from all stakeholders; prioritize the list
  • Use Giva's Needs Assessment Tool as a starting point
  • Check signers like a rigorous quantitative analysis
  • Share requirements openly with short list of vendors
Purchasing Insights
Ask vendors tough questions early and often.
  • Early on share complex "must have" & "deal killer" requirements to eliminate vendors
  • Ask for an estimated price quote. Is it in your budget ball park?
  • Ask for customer case studies and references
  • Poke and prod, listen carefully, get it all in writing
Purchasing Insights
What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) of all vendors?
  • Calculate TCO of all vendors for applies-to-apples comparison
  • Acquisition costs only 30% of TCO over 5 years according to Gartner Group
  • Ongoing lifetime costs vary significantly between vendors
  • Compare cloud vs. on premise hosted software licenses
Purchasing Insights
What are important license agreement terms?
  • What happens if stop paying annual maintenance?
  • Arbitration clause - inexpensive means of recourse
  • SLAs for product support & reports to measure SLA compliance
  • Termination clauses
Learn more about current help desk/customer service industry best practices

Customer Service & Help Desk for Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Giva Customer Service Desk Improves EHR Adoption

Save money with Giva SaaS

Government stimulus dollars, meaningful use, P4P, medical home, standards, penalties and other market drivers are incentivizing independent hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, health systems and regional health information exchanges to adopt EHRs or EMRs.

Despite their value, EMR / EHR adoption remains in the early stages of adoption (HIMSS). Given the painful deployment process, providers remain skeptical of the benefits. The purchase, set up and maintenance process for EHR or EMRs requires extensive research and due diligence, total staff commitment, intensive training, disruption to workflow and downtime, and full support from a dedicated vendor or health system. Most systems are not "plug-and-play" or fully useful to suit the needs of a physician practice after basic installation. Some modifications must occur in order to adapt the practice workflow to the basic EMR or EHR system.

EHR Critical Success Factor – User Support Begins with the Help Service Desk

Many case studies cite the critical importance of support for successful multi-year, EHR deployments. Without support, technical assistance and training for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals there is little adoption of EMRs or EHRs. Without support, delays in response time frustrate staff and patients. Without support, delays also negatively affect adoption rates.

When implementing an EHR, EMR, e-prescribing or CPOE system, sponsors need to plan carefully the support process, starting with the help service desk (See EMR Adoption Guidebook). The help service desk can provide technical assistance, guidance and information on best practices to support and accelerate health care providers' efforts to become meaningful users. See the EHR support checklist & Resource List.

Giva's Difference: EHR / EMR Support Model

Giva's EHR/EMR support model is compliant with the standards and structures used in the IT infrastructure library (ITIL) framework to maximize your return on investment. EHR support requests from healthcare professionals typically involve patient workflow and process issues rather than technical problems associated with IT help desks. To reduce provider downtime, this requires the EHR support team to understand business and clinical processes as well as the underlying technology.