Delivering Care Anytime, Anywhere: Telehealth Alters the Medical Ecosystem

Using Telehealth to Deliver Healthcare Directly to Consumers via Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Virtual House Calls, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Telehealth, also referred to as e-health or telemedicine, uses satellite networks, call centers, web portals, streaming media and other technologies to improve healthcare quality and access to healthcare while reducing costs. Telehealth services come in a variety of formats from virtual house calls to remote patient monitoring to electronic medical records.
Read the complete study of emerging uses of telehealth for delivering healthcare directly to consumers. Details from the experiences of other health insurers, health care providers, and technology vendors are shared. Although there has been growth in telehealth, lack of consumer awareness remains a significant obstacle to more widespread adoption. Click "Download Whitepaper" to request the URL to this resource.

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