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Service Level Management- IT Service Desk

Here are some more reasons why service level agreements may not work. Here are a few lessons to remember as you make progress in your organization.

Gotcha! Service Level Management: Why it fails1

1. No alignment and buy in at all levels of management. It is important that all levels within the organization understand the value of implementing a service level management culture. Without this commitment throughout the organization, it will be difficult for the line staff to understand it, want to participate in it and for the Support Center staff to enforce it.

2. No existing Operational Level Agreements (OLA) within IT. Some organizations believe they can implement customer SLAs without first having established their own internal IT support OLAs. OLAs are basically a service level agreement between each service group. The Support Center should have an OLA between each service department it sends cases to.

3. Underestimating the scope. An organization implementing service level management must understand that this is a company-wide initiative. It will have impacts on staffing, technology, and the company’s culture. This is NOT a project assigned only to the Support Center.


1 Original article by Char LaBounty of LaBounty & Associates, Inc.

Here is a great White Paper on Implementing Service Level Agreements. See 

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