Save Money with Self-service Web Portal

It is a common misperception that your customers or employees will not or cannot accurately and reliably enter their service calls into a software problem management system. In fact, industry studies indicate that the successful implementation of a self-service web based help desk or customer service portal is possible and will save a lot of money.

The advantages to having customers log their own service requests via the web are numerous. In addition to saving time and money, you will achieve increased accuracy of information and better help desk and customer service coverage.

Using a case study, we share how a customer saved $135K in the first year alone and achieved an adoption rate of over 50% for help requests via the web.

This white paper addresses the following topics:

  • Detailed analysis of our customer’s cost savings over a 4 year period as the result of customers logging their service requests via the web
  • Data on customer adoption of a web customer service system over time
  • Customer responses to the question: “What do you want from a support center?”
  • Suggestions for communicating and executing the adoption of web service requests so it benefits both you and your customers
  • Results of our time study comparing the time required to log basic help desk data by phone, voice mail, email, fax and web
  • Tips on how to implement a web based help desk successfully

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Lower costs with a self-service web portal