Common Challenges for Private and Public Cloud Environments

Common Challenges for Private and Public Cloud Environments
Discover a cloud approach that achieves a high ROI in healthcare
Saint Elizabeth Health Care has been an active participant in the development of community healthcare in Canada for more than a century. Today, Saint Elizabeth has 6,500 employees spread across 25 offices throughout Canada, so they were in need of the newest generation of IT help desk software functionality to respond to rapid organizational growth. Their IT help desk is a 24-7 operation with a very high call volume, staffed with skilled technicians.
The ease of getting up and running on a new IT help desk software application was very important to them because they could not suspend their help desk operation for a traditional "cut over." Essentially, the organization was looking to dramatically cut the time from PO to "go live." As a result, the cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model was very attractive to Saint Elizabeth.
The actual implementation to Giva only required a concentrated effort for about four days of elapsed time. The actual hours spent configuring and customizing Giva was much less than four days as their team had their other responsibilities to attend to during these four days. The team was able to fully customize Giva's SaaS product in only 10 percent of the time that would take to configure/install a similar feature rich on premise solution.
With a cloud approach, Saint Elizabeth does not have to wait years or even months for new product improvements, which is very important to them. Also, with a cloud IT help desk system, there's no need to maintain production and test environments because the new product releases are transparent and seamlessly available. The cloud approach also saves data center space, hardware costs and labor hours. This "green" and sustainable IT approach is an added benefit in Canada in particular, because it is an important part of the country's values and business culture.

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