High Cost of IT Change Related Failures

The Gartner Group published a report several years ago that stated that 87% of calls into a typical company's helpdesk were the result of change-related failures. The Help Desk Institute determined that the support industry standard cost per contact is between $15 and $30. If your support organization averages 1500 service requests a month, using Gartner’s 87% figure and $25 per contact, the cost of change related failure requests is an astounding $391,500 annually!

Furthermore, today, the primary communication vehicles used by IT professionals for requesting and managing IT changes are paper, email and voicemail. People generate and forward these vehicles around the organization, but often the key people and departments are not aware of important changes. Often, no central authority prioritizes very important IT requests for changes or makes escalations in a timely manner. At Giva, we understand the importance of a sound change process.

Giva also knows that the key person to making a change process work is the IT Change Manager and we know that this job is very demanding! It requires the balancing of priorities between reviewing all new requests for change (RFC), chairing the Change Advisory Board, prioritizing, approving, scheduling and conducting post-implementation change reviews. In order to help manage such a demanding and important job, the Change Manager needs a way to document the change flow and automate the tasks.  Giva’s eChangeManagerSM was designed by a team of product managers using extensive customer feedback and “best practices” as defined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and IT Service Management (ITSM). Unlike most change management applications, eChangeManager was designed to be first a stand-alone application and then integrated and, most importantly, simple to configure and easy to use.  One person on the team won the prestigious Help Desk Institute Help Desk of the Year award in 1998 and was a runner-up in 1997 not only for his helpdesk but for his design and implementation of IT change management processes and tools.


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