Help Desk First Call Resolution (FCR)

Cost Savings of First Call Resolution (FCR) Improvement


Techniques to Improve First Call Resolution

First call resolution (FCR) is one of the standard help desk metrics to evaluate performance because resolution timeliness is a major factor in customer satisfaction. It is an important metric to measure the success the help desk is having resolving routine requests.

This white paper contains a case study of a client who engaged on-site help desk services with CDC Global Services. The client was receiving 3,000 calls to their help desk per month due to a desktop, server, and messaging migration and their FCR dropped as low as 35%.

CDC Global Services provides a detailed description of each phase of their process for achieving an FCR of 80% including the metrics they used to assess individual and overall help desk performance. In addition, a method for calculating the direct monetary impact of an improved FCR is shown using industry analyst estimates of the cost to resolve service requests at different levels.

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