Simple & Basic Customer Satisfaction Survey



This is a custom survey with 6 questions. The survey results are displayed one question at a time. Click on any link to get aggregated data. Click further to go the ticket level.

> Customer Satisfaction Rating Alerts

This provides for setting minimum levels of customer satisfaction ratings that trigger alert notifications if levels are not achieved. This allows quick remediation. With Giva , you can receive an email or text message alert if specific event triggers are met such as low ratings so that action can be quickly taken. An important part of utilizing metrics is actually obtain the metric at just the appropriate time so that you can take quick action.

> Customer Satisfaction Survey Alerts- "Please call me"

This provides a "check box" that the customer can check if they would like a help desk manager to call them. When checked, a manager is immediately notified giving them a "heads-up" that a customer wants to speak with them. This allows for a written record and an opportunity to more closely communicate and meet the needs of your customers.


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