First Contact Resolution (FCR) Trends Report


Study the FCR by category to help give you insight to whether new knowledge articles could be useful on specific topics. This will also point you to agent training issues.

Ultimately, customers are more concerned with issue resolution than contact resolution—the call is just the means to the end, hopefully. Recognizing this, customer surveying should be geared to the type of issue that was reported. For instance, if it was a billing concern, it makes the most sense to contact the customer for resolution feedback after they have received the next bill rather than 2 days after they called the contact center. They may think their issue has been resolved but don't really know for sure until they see the correction on the next bill. An after-contact follow-up surveying approach that is geared to check back with the customer after a milestone has been accomplished probably makes the most sense for issues that take some time to resolve. Post-call surveys can easily be deployed to tackle one-and-done calls, to ensure that your agents are handling them effectively and to the satisfaction of callers.

A multi-source FCR measurement approach is best. Because it can be challenging and costly to measure first contact resolution, a multi-measure approach is more flexible. For instance, customer satisfaction surveys can be used to determine overall FCR performance, by contact type, while call quality monitoring results and post-call surveys can deliver agent-level FCR performance and at the same time, point out developmental improvement opportunities. Internal call statistics can be used to calculate overall center-level repeat-call performance, and if your system permits, agent and team level repeat-call performance. Try a set of measures to gather as much information as possible about your customer service response.

Once you have a good idea of your FCR performance, you can drill down to identify the call types that are not being resolved consistently in one contact. Then decide if it's even possible or desirable to resolve these types of calls or contacts in one call. If so, root cause analysis and process streamlining, automation, or more self-service options will boost your first call resolution performance, reduce repeat calls and rework, and ultimately reduce operating costs.

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