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Customer Service Root Cause Analysis Report


Evaluating root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis Reports, like other 'deliverables' can vary in quality. Each stakeholder can have their own qualitative and quantitative acceptance criteria. There are some general possibilities for evaluating root cause analysis outputs.

First: Is it readable? If it is readable it will be grammatically correct, the sentences will make sense, it will be free of internal inconsistencies, terms will be defined, it will contain appropriate graphics, and the like.

Second: Does it contain a complete set of all of the causal relationships? If it did contain a "complete set of all of the causal relationships" one could (at least): 1. Trace the causal relationships from the harmful outcomes to the deepest conditions, behaviors, actions, and inactions. 2. Show that the important attributes of the harmful outcomes were completely explained by the deepest conditions, behaviors, actions, and inactions.


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