Customer Satisfaction Report-10 Filters to Slice/Dice Data



This is a custom survey with 6 questions for demonstration purposes. It is too many questions. Best surveys are 1-2 questions.

When you have to write evaluations or provide weekly/monthly feedback, you can run some reports to get objective data to share. It will take you 10 seconds to run this report. You can schedule a report to run automatically and deliver data every day. You can slice and dice by assignees and creators. If creators have a high first contact resolution (FCR), this good work should be reflected positively in surveys. The converse is also true.

In this report, there are 10 dimensions to slice and dice the data (without counting time period).

In ten seconds or less, can you measure overall customer satisfaction as follows? In ten seconds or less, can you also review survey comments made by customers? By Service Group, Analyst, Call Category and Root Cause.

Further by time: This morning, Yesterday, Last Week, Last month

Further by: Region, Office, Location, Department, Customer


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