Who Calling IT Help Desk Most Frequently Report


This help you understand what customers are calling about.

It is inefficient to have service request categories that are not used. First, it slows down the processing of new service requests. Second, it leads to improper categorization. This help desk report displays a list of all categories with the frequency of use. At least once a quarter this report should be run to view the category use distribution. You can then disable categories used infrequently. Frequently used categories can be used in conjunction with a Root Cause report for performance improvement initiatives.

This report helps you pinpoint potential problems. For example, you might want to select a location or region and want to see the service request volume from the top twenty-five customers. This would allow your service department at that location to review all the cases from the most frequently calling customers and create a strategy for reducing the number of contacts. By running this report on a regular basis, you can obtain the information and apply it to an on-going improvement program.


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