"You're Hired!" Interview Questions & Answers for Any Job Candidate

Formal interviews serve many purposes. Your company may search for answers concerning interpersonal or behavioral characteristics as well as a potential hire's career goals and qualifications. Whether the position is for a managerial, customer service, sales, or executive position, your company's goal is to gain as much information on a candidate's abilities before determining whether to hire. The goal, then, is to ask the right questions. Thankfully, Giva provides an in depth whitepaper with interview questions applicable to any candidate. Potential interview questions are outlined in categories such as:

  1. Telephone pre-screen
  2. Behavioral
  3. Interpersonal
  4. Creative thinking
  5. General
  6. Managerial
  7. Executive
  8. Functional (accounting, customer service, engineering, healthcare, IT, etc.)
  9. Sales
  10. Productivity
  11. Teamwork
  12. Problem-solving

With an average of 15 questions per section, including possible answers, Giva's "Questions to Ask Job Candidates when Interviewing whitepaper is a highly valuable resource for measuring candidates. You are the expert on your company and its employees. Choosing questions appropriate for the culture and priorities of your business is important; and, although every question may not pertain to all interviews, this whitepaper offers a rich selection from which to choose.

Interview Questions & Answers