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Machine-Learning is Leading the Self-Improving Help Desk: Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) Systems

Case Based Reasoning Help Desk AI

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In the AI-driven era, customer service has evolved to be more efficient and self-learning. AI systems help companies in a variety of ways including improving customer satisfaction ratings, reducing operational costs, and increasing revenue. AI has many other advantages for customer service that human agents cannot compete with — it is always available, 24/7 and never gets tired or distracted. One of the leading AI systems in this area is CBR Systems' machine learning help desk system.

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HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging, Why You Need It & Best HIPAA Texting Apps

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Text Messaging

Running a hospital presents a variety of unique challenges. It is like many other businesses as it requires effective leadership and communication to run smoothly, but the extra factor is the importance of timeliness. All businesses require quick employee response, but this could not be truer for a healthcare facility. Patients and their health can be unpredictable. There should be a method of reaching healthcare professionals promptly while still protecting the sensitive information being transmitted.

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3 Simple Strategies for Boosting Customer Support During & Post-COVID-19

Boost Customer Support During & After Covid-19

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COVID-19 abruptly changed the way many of us live our day to day lives. With a "new normal" now becoming apparent, businesses have had to change the way they operate. Long line-ups outdoors, capacity limits indoors, and keeping distance from other patrons has changed the way customers are used to shopping at brick and mortar locations.

Perhaps the greatest change is seen in the employee-customer communications. Are there ways your business can still answer questions and resolve issues while customers remain in the comfort of their own homes? The answer is yes, and we have some recommendations to make the transition smoother for businesses.

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3 Top Ways to Provide More Cost-Effective Customer Service

3 Top Ways to Provide More Cost Effective Customer Service

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From the right tools to adequate staffing, customer service can turn out to be an expensive venture for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Most of the expenses incurred come from in-house teams, usually those working in a call-center. If customers get off of the phone with your in-house team and still don't have a resolution to their issue, that can also be seen as both time and money wasted. This is especially true if the customer decides to forego your business thanks to that particular experience.

According to Hannah Steiman of Peak Support, there are a few ways in which in-house customer service can become costly:

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The Difference Between Help Desk, Technical Support & Desktop Support & Skills Required

The Difference Between Helpdesk Technical and Desktop Support and Skills Required

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With continued growth in computer and hand-held device use in the lives of many brings increasing technical questions and problems that arise. And so, the field of supporting these systems grows along with it, which brings business opportunities for entrepreneurs, and employment opportunities for support personnel.

But there are different types of support needs accompanied by varying required responsibilities and skills. The following are the differences between, and skills required for, three common areas of support: Help Desk, Technical Support, and Desktop/Deskside Support.

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How to Implement a Cost Effective Help Desk

How to Implement a Cost Effective Help Desk

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Small and medium-sized organizations on a budget may be hesitant to initiate the process of looking into and implementing a help desk solely based on cost. Whether you decide to choose between an open-source program, software based in the cloud, or something else entirely, there are ways to generate cost savings, while still capturing the services you require to operate efficiently. Continue reading to gather our tips on implementing a cost-efficient help desk at your business, even when budgets are tight.

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What Makes a Great Help Desk? Top 3 Strategies & Success Metrics

What Makes a Great Help Desk Top 3 Tips and Success Metrics

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Customer service is integral to the success of any organization that sells a product or service. Loyalty and retention are both built off of the very principle of customer service. When your customers are happy, they will likely return and recommend your business to their friends, family, and co-workers. With that being said, customer service is an evolving sector that requires organizations to remain current and efficient. How is this done?

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Top Alternatives to Improve Customer Service Wait Times

Top Alternatives to Improve Customer Service Wait Times

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"Your call is important to us. Please hold for the next available representative." If you have ever called into a customer service department before, there's a good chance you've heard an iteration of that line on more than one occasion. Some companies have learned methods to tame the wait time beast and established excellent customer service best standards, while others are still losing the battle.

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The Top 3 Reasons Your Organization Should Implement Help Desk Software

The Top 3 Reasons Your Organization Should Implement a Help Desk Software

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Let's face it, most of us have probably, at one time or another, had a desktop filled with several spreadsheet files to track varying metrics involved in our roles. You might still be doing this today. Though this may work for some people, there certainly has to be a better way to track the key metrics (and other more basic ones as well) in your organization. We are happy to report that a more organized and efficient service is available, and it comes in the form of help desk software.

If you aren't familiar with this type of program, we will be going through some of its top benefits in this post. It may just convince you to suggest it to your IT leader at your next meeting!

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4 Steps to Regaining Customer Trust

4 Steps to Regaining Customer Trust

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If nothing else, the current pandemic has taught the corporate world to always be prepared for the worst and be adaptable. Customers are becoming more critical about their purchases, and therefore building and keeping trust is exceedingly important for businesses.

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