Managing ITIL Approvals in Giva (Single Approver)

Designate any user as an approver.

See how Giva lets you designate a single person as a change approver.
Giva's change management platform allows you to designate any user as an approver. An approver role is a special right. Approvers check the "My Approval" checkbox to designate their approval. In this example, three approvers are required to approve an RFC:
  1. First, Jim King gave his approval.
  2. However, Charles Becker is a Change Manager who can unilaterally approve an RFC. When he gives his approval, the RFC becomes approved and the process overridden.
  3. An Emergency Committee member can also do this. In this case, Charles Becker has overridden the normal approval workflow process which required 3 approvals and the RFC is immediately approved and designated as such.
See how Giva supports team approvals in ITIL process workflows.
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Giva's RFC cloud-based software is ITIL® aligned and HIPAA and SOX compliant.
Change Management Approval Overridden
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