Induced Problems Report in Giva's Cloud-based Change Enablement Software

View all induced changes within Giva Reports.

The RFCs by Induced Problems Report lists all change requests that had induced problems associated with them. An induced problem is an incident that occurs after the RFC is implemented and live in production. This report can assist IT teams perform root cause analysis. There is an RFC Wrap Up tab that has an Induced Problem History field to add a descriptive narrative of what induced problems occurred. There is also an Induced Problem Category field in the RFC to select from a menu of short descriptions indicating what induced problems resulted. Further, any incidents resulting from an RFC with induced problems can be attached to the Induced Service Requests field.
The purpose of this report is to determine the root cause of induced problems so that your organization can continually improve the change management process. This report allows you to query by Service Groups, Priority Codes, Induced Problem Categories, Scopes, Change Categories, Departments and date range. You can also drill down deeper into each RFC.
The following reports will assist the Change Manager and the Change Advisory Board (CAB) in increasing the number of successful changes. A root cause analysis of why any changes were backed out and why some changes induced problems will help increase the number of successful changes in the future. The change team should review any induced service requests that are attached to RFCs. It is also helpful to understand why changes were rejected.
When Giva customers focused on root cause analysis with just these reports, they experienced a very significant increase in satisfaction from the business teams and customers that they serve. With Giva you can achieve the same!
Change Management RFCs by Induced Problems Report
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