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Needs Analysis tool - Clarify your solution requirements
Purchasing Insights
Do check signers have significant pain?
  • Understand pain points of CIO/VP Customer Service
  • Significant pain must exist for senior management to sign a check
  • Giva White Papers will help you "listen" for pain statements
  • Tell vendors your pain. Otherwise, they will ignore you
Purchasing Insights
Are funds approved and set aside?
  • Check in with CIO or VP Customer Service
  • Don't invest time until given iron clad assurance that funds are available
  • Determine what you are already paying for application maintenance
  • Find a cloud based replacement product for less money than annual maintenance
Purchasing Insights
Learn latest IT service desk or customer service best practices.
  • Prepare to ask vendors tough questions with confidence
  • Prod and poke at lead the questioning
  • Acquire best practices fluency: first call resolution, service level agreement compliance, root cause analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, KPIs/metrics, dashboards, etc.
  • Subscribe to Giva Blog & review Giva White Papers. Join "Linked In" groups, industry associations and user groups
Purchasing Insights
What are problems with current call tracking system?
  • Hire consultants/technical experts, if necessary
  • Call vendor CEO; list of issues ready to send.
  • Proposal to fix? Cost, timeline, guarantees
  • Is fixing less expensive vs. buying a new application
Purchasing Insights
What are feature needs/requirements?
  • Obtain feedback from all stakeholders; prioritize the list
  • Use Giva's Needs Assessment Tool as a starting point
  • Check signers like a rigorous quantitative analysis
  • Share requirements openly with short list of vendors
Purchasing Insights
Ask vendors tough questions early and often.
  • Early on share complex "must have" & "deal killer" requirements to eliminate vendors
  • Ask for an estimated price quote. Is it in your budget ball park?
  • Ask for customer case studies and references
  • Poke and prod, listen carefully, get it all in writing
Purchasing Insights
What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) of all vendors?
  • Calculate TCO of all vendors for applies-to-apples comparison
  • Acquisition costs only 30% of TCO over 5 years according to Gartner Group
  • Ongoing lifetime costs vary significantly between vendors
  • Compare cloud vs. on premise hosted software licenses
Purchasing Insights
What are important license agreement terms?
  • What happens if stop paying annual maintenance?
  • Arbitration clause - inexpensive means of recourse
  • SLAs for product support & reports to measure SLA compliance
  • Termination clauses
Learn more about current help desk/customer service industry best practices

Customer Service Solutions for Patient Safety

Patient Safety and Incident Reporting Reduces Medical Errors

Save money with Giva SaaS

According to the U.S. based Institute of Medicine ("IOM"), patient safety is the prevention of harm to patients, where harm can occur through errors of commission and omission. In a 2003 report, the IOM identified patient safety as a critical issue, putting forward a roadmap for the development and adoption of key healthcare standards to support the analysis of patient safety data. The IOM report, Joint Commission, NQF, and World Health Organization also identify that a common taxonomy for capturing patient safety events (how they occur and how they can be prevented in the future) is highly dependent on a robust HCIT infrastructure as well as properly configured incident reporting system to capture and present the results.

Giva's Difference - Confidential Web-based Incident Reporting System

Giva's web-based incident reporting system improve patient safety, sentinel event and compliance reporting with cost-effective reporting system to track patient safety and other incidents for facility and ambulatory settings. The Giva system captures incidents at hospitals, surgery centers, ambulatory facilities or physician practices and provides stakeholders a confidential, anonymous means of reporting events. This system can provide a safe environment for reporting medical errors to Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs). Giva's incident reporting system allows real-time transmission of data to the risk management department; data are automatically cleaned and scrubbed to ensure accuracy and avoid duplication; and data are automatically connected to demographic and clinical information to create consolidated incident records with version control. See the Patient Safety and Incident Reporting Resource Lists.


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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)



  • Intuitive design — Learn in just one hour
  • "One Click" to create/edit tickets and find solutions
  • Learn advanced features as needed

BenefitsGiva eHelpDesk Help Desk Software

Giva eHelpDesk™ is a 100 percent Web-native, ITIL-compliant IT help desk solution that:

  • Avoid and reduce medical errors by delivering 24/7/365 real-time incident reporting and editing of reports and on-line access to status, alerts, and dashboards. Revision tracking and version control during report review and modification allows for the addition of supplementary information following incident.
  • Reduce the time between reporting an incident and the resulting investigation by risk management by gaining immediate access to and automating distribution of incidents for quick response and enabling roles based management for alerts, reminders and escalations at multiple organizational levels, positions and individuals. Review for follow-up given frequent updates and new information.
  • Ensure consistent capture and standardization of incidents and adverse events by using common terminology and classification schema (taxonomy) for collecting and organizing patient safety data.
  • Develop educational initiatives for process improvements to avoid errors by distributing best in-class workflow practices through notifications, out-reach reminders, escalations and advanced reporting. Capture tips and best practices that help locate where and how processes can be improved to avoid errors.
  • Gain insight and actionable information on your operational processes by integrating Giva help desk analytics, reports and dashboard results with other organizational metrics.
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance by managing control and access requests to critical systems and data and maintaining conforming to policies and procedures.

IT Help Desk and The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires that management must accept responsibility for the effectiveness of internal controls, evaluate the effectiveness using suitable control criteria, support this evaluation with sufficient evidence, and retain independent auditors to attest to these controls.

SOX directly affects IT departments since they support corporate financial systems, provide documentation of those systems, and deliver internal Help Desk support to ensure their effectiveness.

By providing a centralized record of service requests and service levels for financial systems, business applications, networks, and databases, Giva eHelpDesk helps IT departments comply with the strict Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.


Giva eHelpDesk features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with hotline and web reports housed in central secure SAS-70 certified repository.
  • Reportable by secure mobile or web-based entry.
  • Delivers 24/7/365 real-time access to information for on-line viewing of alerts, KPI metrics, dashboards, reports and editing of reports. Revision tracking and version control during report review and modification allows for the addition of supplementary information following incident.
  • Enables customizable web-based incident report forms, including set-up for workflow, documentation and pull-down menus.
  • Forms can capture information on incident type, phase of care, contributing factors, risk factors, patient information, severity, legal claims, and other follow-up.
  • Captures tips and best practices for helping providers locate where workflow processes can be modified to avoid adverse events and errors.
  • Supports provider education, training and understanding of process changes needed to avoid medical errors with Giva knowledge management.
  • Allows for roles based management for alerts, reminders and escalations at multiple organizational levels, positions and individuals.
  • Alerts, reminds, routs, tracks and monitors incidents through advanced reporting and search filter tools.
  • Rapid response reports can be distributed using automated role based rules.
  • Uses standard common terminology and classification schema (taxonomy) for collecting and organizing patient safety data.
  • Filters incidents, summaries of incidents and report information with powerful search functionality and report wizard. Results can be exported for output into graphs, charts, statistical programs, presentations, and compliance reporting reports internally and to external regulatory agencies.
  • Supports HIPAA compliance documentation as well as maintenance of policies, procedures and practices.
  • Automate the management of granting, altering, and revoking customer and employee access to sensitive data systems from the point of request to the point of access.
  • Ability to customize and run reports to demonstrate HIPAA compliance.
  • Giva software-as-a-service (Saas) web-based delivery ensures rapid deployment easy installation, maintenance and administration and uninterrupted access to information - saving time, improving accuracy and speeding response times.
  • Integrated email capabilities save time and improve accuracy for all internal and external communications.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for documentation searches, entering, managing and tracking calls and projects.
  • Lower costs than competing alternatives.
  • Supports ETL functions and easily exports results and APIs integrate with other 3rd party systems, databases and CRM solutions.