Service Desk/Help Desk Best Practices Assessment Questions

Service Desk/Help Desk Best Practices Assessment Questions

Determine the maturity level of your Service Desk/Help Desk

This 25 Question Assessment Excel provides a simple and quick method for gauging the maturity level of your Service Desk/Help Desk

Service Desk/Help Desk Assessment Excel Tool Organization

This Service Desk/Help Desk Assessment Excel tool has 5 sections:
  1. Processes & Best Practices-How well defined and documented are the Service Desk/Help Desk processes?
  2. Organizational Integration-Is the Service Desk/Help Desk a valuable contributor to organization success?
  3. Technology Optimization-How mature are technology solutions?
  4. Staff Development-What is the professional level and commitment of the Service Desk/Help Desk staff?
  5. Information Management-How well does the Service Desk/Help Desk utilize metrics for customer satisfaction, call reduction, root cause and self-improvement?
To determine the maturity level of your Service Desk/Help Desk, compare your score with the information found on the Maturity Index tab. The Maturity Index is scaled from a high of "Actualized" which operates in a fully proactive mode with clearly documented processes and full integration with the rest of the organization, to a low of "Nonexistent."

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25 Question Service Desk Assessment
Instructions: This short Self-Assessment will give you quick insight into the maturity level of your Service Desk. Simply rate yourself on the questions in each section on a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high). Your total score and the Maturity Index rating scale are found at the bottom of the questionnaire.
Service Desk Process and Best Practice Implementation Score Service Desk Process and Best Practice Implementation
Are incidents recorded by the Service Desk in a formal and consistent manner? 1 Organizational Integration
Is there a well developed schema for the categorization and identification of recorded incidents? 1 Technology Optimization
Is incident lifecycle management including opening, monitoring progress, resolution, and client feedback performed in a formal and consistent manner? 1 Staff Development
Are all Service Desk processes and procedures documented and adhered to by Service Desk Analysts? 1 Information Management 
Are Service Desk policies based upon a best practices framework such as ITIL? 1
Total: 5
Organizational Integration Score
Is there a common understanding of the Service Desk's role and scope throughout the organization? 1
Are the services supplied by Service Desk clearly documented and communicated to the organization? 1
Are regular meetings with key stakeholders held to assess their needs and ascertain their peception of the value of the Service Desk and the services provided? 1
Is the Service Desk regularly included in discussions regarding strategic IT initiatives and given sufficient notice of new support requirements? 1
It the Service Desk seen as a focal point for communicating information and data from IT to the rest of the organization? 1
Total: 5
Technology Optimization Score
Are standard reports concerning incidents produced regularly? 1
Is the tool for incident management able to generate robust and useful reporting on Service Desk metics and SLAs? 1
Is a knowledge base solution in place to house known problems and solutions 1
Are there self service tools in place for end-users to allow for password resets, entry of incidents, or searches for solutions to common problems? 1
Have the majority of redundant or manual processes been automated? 1
Total: 5
Staff Development Score
Do you regularly provide feedback to each Agent regarding the quality of calls and processing of the incident management lifecycle? 1
Is there a career path in place for Service Desk Agents allowing them to advance within the organization? 1
Are Service Desk Analysts required to earn professional or technical certification? 1
Is agent satisfaction measured in a regular and consistent manner? 1
What is the level of Service Desk Analyst turnover? (High turnover =1, Low turnover =5) 1
Total: 5
Information Management Score
Does the Service Desk have formal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place? 1
Is Service Desk performance against SLAs measured and reported on a regular basis? 1
Does the Service Desk perform regular trend analysis regarding incident occurrence and resolution? 1
Does Service Desk contribute in a meaningful to the processes of Problem or Change Management? 1
Is client and stakeholder feedback gathered and used to fuel continuous service improvement efforts?   1
Total: 5
Overall Service Desk Maturity Score 25
Service Desk Assessment Level of Impact
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