ITIL Compliant Workflow Approval Process

This free white paper describes the workflow approval process and automated email notifications for requests for change (RFC) using Giva’s eChangeManager, which is ITIL compliant.

According to a recent Gartner Group report, 87 percent of help desk calls result from change-related failures. The Help Desk Institute determined that the support industry standard cost per contact is between $15 and $30. If your support organization averages 1,500 service requests a month, the cost of change related failure requests is between $235,000 and $470,000 annually.

The primary communication vehicles used by IT professionals for managing IT changes are paper, email and voicemail. People generate and forward requests around the organization, but many key people and departments are unaware of important changes. Often, no central authority prioritizes important IT change requests or makes escalations in a timely manner.

Giva understands the importance of a sound change process. Giva also knows that the key person to making a change process work is the IT Change Manager. This demanding job requires balancing priorities between reviewing all new requests for change (RFC), chairing the Change Advisory Board (CAB), prioritizing, approving, scheduling, conducting post-implementation change reviews, and many other activities. To help manage the myriad of projects, the IT Change Manager needs a way to document the change flow and automate the tasks.

Designed with extensive input from real IT Change Managers, Giva eChangeManager includes industry best practices as defined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and IT Service Management (ITSM). Unlike most change management applications, Giva eChangeManager is simple to configure and easy to use.

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