How to Select a Contact Center or Customer Service Outsourcer

How can you select the best outsourced contact center that will meet your requirements?

An outsourcer must support your core objectives of decreasing costs and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You want to reduce the number of calls and call time, and you want your outsourcer’s people, process and technology to help you do this. However, your costs are revenue to the outsourcer. You will probably have a contract where you pay based upon the number calls and length of each call. There is great potential for your organization’s goals to not be aligned with the outsourcer’s goals. Your objective is to select an outsourcer that can bring the right mix of capabilities to meet your core objectives. You want to show the outsourcer how and why to accept some of the risk, which will give them a vested interest in meeting your goals.

This white paper examines the process of selecting the best contact center outsourcer to meet your requirements with a focus on people, process, and technology, and shares industry best practices and expert recommendations.

Some topics covered include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Customer Service Industry Best Practices
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Self-Service Tools
  • Agent Effectiveness
  • Outsourcer Culture
  • Training
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Risk Sharing
  • Rewards & Penalties

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