Giva Salutes: All Star Code

All Star Code

At Giva we search for organizations, large and small, that are doing a great job of changing the world around them for the better; and we are pleased to salute them here!

All Star Code, a NYC-based nonprofit organization, actively prepares young men of color for the vast, diverse field of technology start ups. At All Star Code, men of color have access to mentorships, internships, workshops that will help them navigate the ever-growing tech field.

"While I discovered a number of programs that addressed the lack of women in the industry, I did not find a sufficient number of resources for young men of color. I envision All Star Code to be a program that can give young, intelligent, driven men of color access to this exciting and dynamic field," Christina Lewis Halpern, Founder, said. All Star Code acknowledges and aspires to close the opportunity gap presented to young men of color.

This nonprofit proudly endorses its "flagship" program, the All Star Code Summer Intensive program. In six weeks, students receive advanced lessons on coding practices. The program also provides young men with the opportunity to learn crucial leadership skills. Finally, the program encourages students to navigate the informal tech community that relies on networking skills which are very different from those gained in even the most prestigious university settings. The program offers this all for two cohorts of forty students each. The program takes places from July 6th to August 14th this year. The activities and lessons of the scholarship program can be followed on ASC's blog.

ASC provides vibrant support for young scholars in others ways, listed below:

  • Mentorship Programs: Throughout the year, ASC invites young men of color to events that introduce them to mentors. These professionals at high tech companies often share similar experiences as the participants. David A. Thomas published his extensive study on the importance of minority mentors, "The Truth About Mentoring Minorities: Race Matters," in the Harvard Business Review.
  • Internships Placements: With the help of their high tech coding partners, ASC offers young scholars internship placements. These are aimed to help youth understand tech companies and the tech field with hands-on experience.
  • Introductory Workshops: Three times in both the Fall and Winter of each year, ASC introduces 100 students to the world of coding.
  • College Guidance Lessons: ASC Alumni counsel current participants on college planning. ASC also offers parental education so parents know how to help their child succeed.

Anthony Box, a sixteen-year-old alumni of the All Star Code program, thanked All Star Code for the lessons that guided him towards success. Box is now in Beijing, learning Chinese and expanding his coding skills further.

"I also met so many amazing and successful people who taught me about taking chances," Box said, in light of ASC. "The most important thing is just to start."

At ASC, the dreams for many young men of color begin; individuals with the talent and capacity for hard work necessary to ascend the circumstances and program their own success.