Giva's Change Enablement Process Begins with a Simple Dashboard

See how Giva's intuitive, hosted change enablement software works.

The Request for Change process starts with a single click:
  1. Submit a new change request, by clicking on "Create New RFC."
  2. Search for RFCs by typing in keywords or an RFC number in the "Find RFC" tab, or use the mini search in the main navigation on each page.
  3. Quickly access existing (duplicate or overlapping) RFCs, as well as recent and upcoming RFCs 30 days in the past or scheduled for 30 day into the future.
  4. Easily access your Knowledge Base tab, where standard documents and files such as Implementation, Test and Backout Plans are stored.
  5. Access Giva's outstanding reports quickly from each page in the main navigation.
Get a hands-on experience with Giva's RFC dashboard.
Giva's RFC cloud-based software is ITIL® aligned and HIPAA and SOX compliant.
Change Enablement Dashboard
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