Change Enablement & Help Desk Integration: "Forward Schedule of Changes"

See how Giva ChangeManager™ works with Giva's IT Helpdesk & IT Service Management

Organizations benefit in 2 important ways:
  1. IT help desk and service desk agents are continuously informed of scheduled changes.
  2. Supervisors can plan and prepare for possible induced problems from change related failures.
When using Giva ChangeManager with Giva's Helpdesk or IT Service Management cloud-based apps and an enforced change management process (all changes go through change management), IT realizes two significant benefits:
First, the helpdesk is constantly informed of all scheduled changes through reading the Forward Schedule of Changes Report, which can be made a favorite report for quick access. This report lists all approved and scheduled changes, the dates and time, the affected customer(s), the Implementer, the service group and hyperlinks to all changes. This saves significant time for the helpdesk agents since it streamlines communication with other IT departments that manage changes.
Second, IT service desk and help desk supervisors can prepare for forthcoming RFCs by making sure the service desk is properly staffed at critical "go live" change dates for a possible uptick in problems. Industry estimates indicate over 60% of IT problems are the result of change-related failures. With advanced knowledge of when RFCs will go live, supervisors can prepare for potentially major IT problems.
Giva is HIPAA and SOX compliantand ITIL® aligned.
Change Management Forward Schedule of Changes Report
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