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Incomplete RFC-IT Change Management Software

Incomplete RFC-Giva eChangeManager

Change request incomplete.  When a RFC requires more documentation, the Change Manager moves the status to “PENDING” and sets the Waiting Code to a waiting reason such as “Implementation Plan, Backout Plan and/or Test Plan. Giva eChangeManager automatically notifies the implementer. Notes in the Change History field indicate that the RFC needs more work before sending the RFC to the Change Advisory Board (CAB) for discussion and approval.

To learn more, view the eChangeManager demo!

RFC Ready for Approval-IT Change Management Software

RFC Ready for Approval-Giva eChangeManager

Change is ready for approval.  If the Change Manager is satisfied that the Implementation, Test and Backout Plans are completed and the RFC is properly documented, then he changes the RFC status to “PENDING” and sets the Waiting Code to “AWAITING APPROVAL.” Giva eChangeManager automatically notifies via email the Change Advisory Board (CAB) to review the RFC. Your change management process should also include that CAB members discuss and advise the Change Manager on this RFC at the next CAB meeting.Status Change Flow Chart

To learn more, view the eChangeManager demo!

How to Select a Contact Center or Customer Service Outsourcer

Create a Win/Win Partnership

How can you select the best outsourced contact center that will meet your requirements?

An outsourcer must support your core objectives of decreasing costs and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You want to reduce the number of calls and call time, and you want your outsourcer’s people, process and technology to help you do this. However, your costs are revenue to the outsourcer. You will probably have a contract where you pay based upon the number calls and length of each call. There is great potential for your organization’s goals to not be aligned with the outsourcer’s goals. Your objective is to select an outsourcer that can bring the right mix of capabilities to meet your core objectives. You want to show the outsourcer how and why to accept some of the risk, which will give them a vested interest in meeting your goals.

This white paper examines the process of selecting the best contact center outsourcer to meet your requirements with a focus on people, process, and technology, and shares industry best practices and expert recommendations.

Some topics covered include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Customer Service Industry Best Practices
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Self-Service Tools
  • Agent Effectiveness
  • Outsourcer Culture
  • Training
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Risk Sharing
  • Rewards & Penalties

Click Download White Paper to read more about how to select the best contact center outsourcer to meet your needs.

Urgent RFC-IT Change Management Software

Urgent Change-Giva eChangeManager

A good change management process must have a way to bypass the normal approval routine. When the Change Manager receives a RFC that he deems urgent, he changes the priority to “URGENT,” the status to “PENDING” and the Waiting Code to “AWAITING APPROVAL.” Giva eChangeManager automatically notifies via email the Change Advisory Board (CAB) and the Emergency Committee (EC) of the urgent RFC.

To learn more, view the eChangeManager demo!

Qualify Cloud and SaaS Customer Service/IT Help Desk Vendors

Quickly Determine the True Character of Vendors-20 Tough Questions

How can you more quickly qualify and evaluate SaaS customer service and IT help desk software vendors?

This white paper discusses twenty groups of penetrating questions to ask SaaS Customer Service and IT Help Desk software vendors to determine their true character. A SaaS vendor is like a spouse. While "Dating" it is better to understand what life may be like after the "Honeymoon" is over. Ask these questions early in your qualification process to focus on the vendors that will be there for you long after they have your company's money. Use these questions to poke and prod at your list of vendors and then listen very carefully when they speak. What you learn will save you a great deal of time and money. Make sure to get their responses in writing!

Some topics covered include:

  • Uptime service level agreements
  • Support service level agreements
  • How to qualify a Data Center
  • Access to your data & rights
  • Source code escrow
  • Termination clauses, contract lengths, discounts, hidden fees
  • What if my company is dissatisfied?
  • What if my company finds better technology?
  • Deployment "out-of-box" or at what cost?
  • Preparing a TCO and comparing it to other alternatives
  • Vendor product roadmaps and commitment
  • Post implementation customization/configuration
  • Routine support vs. professional service fees

Click Download White Paper to read more about the twenty tough questions to ask to better qualify SaaS customer service and IT help desk vendors.

Case Study Outsourced Call Center Cloud

ContactWorks offers a complete range of flexible, scalable and competitive outsourced call center and customer contact services. Client engagements include technical support, customer service and support, sales and sales support, training, promotion support, channel development, and turnkey sales and marketing management.

The Giva Service Management Suite™, including Giva eCustomerService™ and Giva eKnowledgeManager™, was deployed to address the company's need for a 24 x 7 worldwide outsourced customer service and support Cloud Computing SaaS solution.

Giva's eCustomerService, a web-based customer service Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, and professional services provided:

  • A single IT platform for a 24x7 worldwide outsourced customer service and support operation
  • Product and service differentiation in the very competitive outsourcing business to help ContactWorks win more business
  • Increased technical creditability with prospects
  • Expertise in customer service "best practices" to help win outsourcing contracts
  • A highly configurable system that allows ContactWorks to provide a custom solution to each of its clients
  • Rich graphical views of data with Dashboards, Charts, and Metrics to allow customers to quickly focus on priorities


Click on Download Customer Case to read more.

IT Service Desk Best Practices Assessment Questions

25 Questions for Measuring Service Desk/Help Desk Maturity

This 25 Question Assessment Excel developed by Giva Partner, CDC Global Services, provides a simple and quick method for gauging the maturity level of your Service Desk/Help Desk.

This Service Desk/Help Desk Assessment Excel tool has 5 sections:

  • Processes & Best Practices-How well defined and documented are the Service Desk/Help Desk processes?
  • Organizational Integration-Is the Service Desk/Help Desk a valuable contributor to organization success?
  • Technology Optimization-How mature are technology solutions?
  • Staff Development-What is the professional level and commitment of the Service Desk/Help Desk staff?
  • Information Management-How well does the Service Desk/Help Desk utilize metrics for customer satisfaction, call reduction, root cause and self-improvement?

To determine the maturity level of your Service Desk/Help Desk, compare your score with the information found on the Maturity Index tab. The Maturity Index is scaled from a high of "Actualized" which operates in a fully proactive mode with clearly documented processes and full integration with the rest of the organization, to a low of "Nonexistent."

Service Desk Assessment Level of Impact

Click "Download White Paper" to obtain a copy of this Service Desk/Help Desk Assessment Excel and instructions for using it.

Case Study - Giva's Easy 3 Click Reporting

Learn more about customer service best practices from this consumer electronics industry innovator.

iZ3D Inc. is a leading innovator of 3D stereoscopic viewing display solutions. In addition, the company enables 3D content creation, and promotes the accelerated proliferation of 3D for entertainment and professional applications.

The Giva Service Management Suite™, including Giva eCustomerService™ and Giva eKnowledgeManager™, was deployed in June 2007 to address the company's customer service and knowledge management software needs.

Giva eCustomerService, a web-based customer service solution, provided:

  • Fast and easy deployment in a week despite significant customizations
  • Very affordable price point with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and higher ROI than competitive offerings
  • Seamless integration with the iZ3D web site
  • Rich graphical views of data with Dashboards, Charts, and Metrics to allow iZ3D to focus on their customer service priorities
  • Giva's Easy 3 Click Reporting Engine™ to easily run reports


See to read more and download the case study

Best IT Service Desk Outsourcer

By engaging with an outsourcing partner, an organization can quickly gain a number of benefits to quickly move to a higher level of service:

  • Infusing expertise and knowledge of the latest industry best practices and technology
  • Swift implementation of more efficient processes and operations
  • Productivity and performance improvements
  • Addition of a wider range of services
  • Establishment and better management of service levels
  • Increased ability to focus internal resources on core or high priority projects
  • Reduction in costs and lessening of the burden of employee care and feeding
  • Increased flexibility to respond to spikes or decreases in volume
  • Redundancy to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery

These benefits will only be realized if the right outsourcing partner is chosen. Organizations must be prepared to properly evaluate potential outsourcing partners and to ask the right questions. This process requires a formalized evaluation methodology which consists of self analysis to understand your needs, costs, and capabilities and then a formal process to use that information to find the right fit.

Click Download White Paper to read more about how to select the best IT service desk outsourcer and how to build an RFP for outsourcing your IT service desk so that you can select the best vendor.

Law Firm Help Desk-Major Increase in Attorney Satisfaction

Founded in 1971, the law firm of Sills Cummis & Gross has established an outstanding global reputation. The Giva Service Management Suite including Giva® eHelpDesk, eKnowledgeManager, and eAssetManager were deployed to address the company’s internal IT help desk, knowledge management, and asset management software application needs.


Implementing Giva eHelpDesk, a web-based IT help desk solution:

+ Resulted in a significant decrease in labor hours required to generate monthly and ad hoc reports

+ Resulted in a significant increase in attorney satisfaction with the IT department

+ Provided Trend Reports, Dashboards, Charts, and Metrics, which enabled quick action on high priority service requests to keep attorneys productive

+ Provided an intuitive design that reduced IT training and administration costs


“With Giva’s reporting system, we significantly reduced the time required to perform monthly reports and ad hoc reporting, which gives me more time to be a strategic IT leader.”
“We have significantly increased attorney satisfaction in a relatively short amount of time. That is a very significant accomplishment for us, and it is an integral part of our IT support strategy.”

Steven Marks, CIO & Linda Green, IT Director

Click here to read the entire CASE STUDY.


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