Assess How Your Help Desk Is Operating

Evaluate Your Help Desk by Taking a Short Quiz in this White Paper

According to the Help Desk Institute, help desk costs rise 10-20% every two years. Some of the reasons for the increase are:

  • Increasing complexity of new help desk support software
  • Shorter life cycle of help desk software and hardware
  • Increasing customer use of help desks

To control costs and increase customer service satisfaction, take the short quiz contained in this white paper to assess how your help desk is operating. In addition, read about the best practices of help desks and benchmarks for common metrics like call abandonment and first call resolution rate.

By performing the root cause analysis described in this paper, one company found that new employees contacted their call center four times as often as other employees. After offering a 30 minute IT orientation to new employees, new user calls to the help desk dropped by 60%.

Performance goals are also a must. At the very least, performance goals should be established for customer satisfaction, cost per call, call abandonment rate, service level compliance, first call resolution rate, and cycle time. Individual agents should be measured using calls per month, customer satisfaction, and first call resolution rate.


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