World Changers: Giva Salutes Idealist

At Giva we search for organizations, large and small, that are doing a great job of changing the world around them for the better; and we are pleased to salute them here.


Today, Giva recognizes Idealist, a network of resources for the scholar at heart, dedicated to social change and impassioned by individual hearts. Founded in 1995 as the nonprofit organization Action Without Borders, Idealist bloomed from its philanthropist roots into a hub where over 97,000 organizations offer service opportunities daily; 100,000 unique visitors explore the vast site daily; and a variety of career information resources and blogs are also provided for its international audience daily.


Array of Opportunities

From a volunteer action gathering to a long withstanding career opportunity in social advocacy, or whether it is an urban renewal internship in Chile or a paid Public Policy job opportunity in Washington, D.C., Idealist has the opportunity that best fits you and your career aspirations. Discover the organization, abroad or local, that identifies the most with your goals and also provides room to grow in an opportunity. Idealist also encourages organizations to create bigger relationships with the user, whether that user wants to begin their own organization aimed for public good or receive help starting their own socially-responsible business. Although based in the New York and Portland areas, Idealist offers opportunities worldwide.

Graduate Fairs

Every year, Idealist hosts Graduate Fairs where over sixty universities and social programs offer educational resources and insights to prospective students. These fairs are free and open to an audience of all ages interested in careers in social change. Their Graduate Fairs page displays the venues for these fairs, which happen coast-to-coast across the United States. This year, Idealist will also be offering virtual graduate fairs, to reduce the environmental cost of travel, as well as make their opportunities accessible to an even wider audience. The graduate fairs are intended to help scholars and professionals find the best fit for their endeavors, whether they are interested in advancing a certain career passion through education, or transitioning to a new sector of public good. Their YouTube playlist also offers advice to prepare for the graduate fairs.

Graduate School Resources

Finally, Idealist offers extensive online resources for those interested in graduate school education. From degree overviews to interviews with professionals in an array of underrepresented fields, Idealist's all-original articles are a valuable resource for the prospective graduate student. Additionally, Idealist provides its audience with a host of useful blogs. Some blogs offer personalized career advice, and other blogs are specialized for the Spanish or French-speaking communities, examples of Idealist's care for the international community.

Ami Dar, who founded this organization in 1995 with only $3,500, once said, "At Idealist, our goal has always been to help people turn their good intentions into action."

Giva salutes joining so many individuals together with their desire to change the world around them through their individual skills and passions!