Challenge the Label: Assessing the Credibility of Sustainability Label Claims

With so many different sustainability labels, how can companies trust the credibility of these claims? Challenge the Label is an innovative tool, designed to help businesses determine the validity of sustainability label claims.

Challenge the Label

Sustainability labels consist of words or images found on products, businesses, and services, which imply environmentally responsible practices. Through tools such as Challenge the Label, which ensures products or services are actually environmentally friendly, companies are doing their parts to become greener.

Worldwide, corporations have been adopting sustainability initiatives to safeguard the natural environment for future generations. This growing trend has motivated leading companies to invest in manufacturing methods that save precious resources. Google, for instance, has recently begun using resources more efficiently and advocating renewable power.

Challenge the Label believes there are five attributes to help assess the credibility of a claim. These five elements can guide companies to select the best environmentally friendly products and services.

Challenge the Label 5 Sustainability Truths

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