CSR Spotlight: The North Face Explore Fund

The North Face

The North Face company, known for its tech savvy athletic merchandise, is now helping kids discover nature. The purpose of the company's Explore Fund is to inspire a global movement of outdoor exploration and conservation. Since 2010, North Face has provided over 1.5 million dollars in grants to more than 300 outdoors-related nonprofits, which has helped nearly 100,000 young people.

Through the Explore Fund, North Face is hoping to help youth overcome adversity, such as health challenges or self-esteem issues. They look for proposals that encourage community involvement, have quantifiable goals and objectives, and have a good chance of producing positive results and momentum. In 2015 alone, 47 organizations throughout the United States received grants to further their commitment to outdoors appreciation.

Just this last year, $500,000 dollars were donated to organizations such as Latino Outdoors, which uses outdoor exploration as a catalyst for positive changes.

In an age of social media, video games, and media entertainment, it is important for kids to get out of the house at a young age. For this year, apply between March 1 and April 5th to help change how children interact with their environment. As the company motto goes, "Adventure is everywhere. Never stop Exploring."