Giva Salutes: SightLife

Today, more than ten million people live with corneal blindness. But many patients cannot afford the medical care they desperately need for their eyes. SightLife is the world's largest global health nonprofit focused on restoring the eyesight of those living with this condition.


Operating in more than twenty-five countries worldwide, SightLife restores the vision of over fifty people every day. They offer this service with no waiting list, only an online ordering form for patients who wish to schedule appointments. Surgeons partnered with SightLife are on call 24-7 and work hard to help people see the world through new eyes.

SightLife continues its work through generous donations. Every eye is a gift, and each gift helps two people in the world see their whole lives turn around. SightLife's extensive bereavement program helps recipients of donations mourn with the donor's family. Recipients write letters and share their stories of personal change. Families take heart in knowing that their loved one has forever changed the life of another for good.

SightLife's vision is to "restore sight and hope to all in need through eye donation and corneal transplantation," and it is through the generous spirit of donors and doctors that this nonprofit flourishes in its promise.

SightLife was founded in 1969 by the Lions of the Pacific Northwest and is now partnered with Northwest Lions Foundation, which provides healthcare for low-income families. SightLife is a member of the Eye Bank Association of America, and is also a member of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. The Nonprofit Times ranked SightLife as the Top #30 "Nonprofit to Work for in 2016," and also ranked SightLife as the Top #13 "Medium-Sized Nonprofit in 2016."