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Realized Worth: Motivating Employees to Find Their “Epiphanies”

Realized Worth

It might be tempting to obsess over material goods. The value of the cars we drive, the homes we own, and the paychecks we receive all seem to carry exceedingly heavy weights. But according to one CSR consulting firm, rather than deriving our self worth from material possessions, we need to lend a hand to those in need to truly "find" ourselves.

Realized Worth labels this process of uncovering ourselves through service as an "epiphany."

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The Importance of Customer Intelligence

Reports for Intelligent Business Decisions

More than ever, businesses are analyzing market data in an attempt to better understand consumers' buying habits. However, data is often outdated by the time it reaches businesses, or the information is too broad and generalizing to draw any real conclusions. Analyzing market data is analogous to "looking in a rear view mirror," according to the authors of "Customer Intelligence: Connecting the Dots for Service Insight," who emphasize the importance of customer intelligence in anticipating consumer needs.

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Customer Service & Effective Technical Communication

Effective Technical Communication

Every tech-savvy person has heard (or even experienced) customer support horror stories at least once. These tales usually lament the struggle of dealing with users who seem to have no right to be anywhere near a computer: users who cannot find the "any" key, users who cannot tell the difference between the spacebar and backspace key, or users who do not even know what an operating system is.

Even though home computers have become easier to use, customers might still feel confused or frustrated. When business customers contract engineers for new software, it is often difficult for the tech-savvy to speak the language of the customer and nail down exactly what features the client is seeking. Effective communication is vital in both customer service and business-to-business relationships, and learning how to speak the language of your client is often easier said than done.

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Embracing Generation Gaps in Business & Volunteering

Generations Working Together

In the 1960s, Americans invented the phrase "Generation Gap" to define the discrepancies in values and viewpoints among generations. This phrase originated from the counterculture, a time when political and social turmoil captured the attention of Baby Boomers. This group of generational revolutionaries varied from the conservative Traditionalists before them, and even more so from the Generation Xers and the Millennials proceeding them.

Sociologists later extensively studied these differences in attitudes, renaming the Generation Gap as "institutional age segregation." Generation gaps are often observed in the workplace: Millennials may find a Traditionalist preference for face-to-face communication boring, and a Generation Xer may find the Baby Boomer's commitment to work disturbing! In this post, acknowledging that no description perfectly describes any generation of workers, we attempt to uncover some nuanced differences arising from Generation Gaps in the workplace, and how companies can cultivate harmony and passion despite age differences.

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Taking Advantage of Software License Management

Software Licensing

Today, a company's software assets likely resembles a hodgepodge of trial editions, subscriptions, and licenses. Managing a firm's software assets has, understandably, become much more taxing.

One useful system -- the "license manager" -- can help reduce the CIO's anxieties. Primarily, a license manager helps prevent litigation due to software abuse.

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Successful Business Technology Adoption

Business Technology

For consumer goods, the adoption rates of new technology vary immensely. Some products are adopted unquestioningly, such as DVD players, while others must battle for supremacy in the consumer market, such as Bluray and HD-DVD players. Other products may be adopted slowly, like wearable technology and Bitcoin, or never adopted at all. A graph from The Economist shows that the Internet was adopted by one-fourth of the population in just seven years–almost twice as fast as the mobile phone adoption rate.

Unlike in the consumer market, technology adoption in the business realm can take a very long time.

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Harvard Business School Hosts Leadership Program on CSR This Fall

Harvard Business School CSR Strategies

In response to the ever-growing trend of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Harvard Business School will be hosting a program titled "Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategies to Create Business and Social Value" Oct 18-21, 2015.

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Giva & Customer Service in a Changing World

Time for Changes in Customer Service

If there is one thing that is constant in this day and age, it is change. Today's business pace demands perfectly smooth transitions or large amounts of money can be lost from interruptions in productivity. The optimal part of change is growth. If growth is the goal, then improving customer service should be top priority. According to author Seth Godin, "Customer service, like everything an effective organization does, changes people. Announce the change you seek, then invest appropriately in a system that is likely to actually produce the outcomes you just said you wanted." In order to have the best customer service, your company needs to have the best and most up to date software that addresses your customer service needs.

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Case Studies in CSR: TOMS Helping Those in Need "One for One"

TOMS Footwear

Roaming around a playground at an American school, many children can be found sporting the latest TOMS® Footwear. In styles ranging from vibrant pink flip flops to simply patterned navy sneakers, kids pound the soles of their shoes against the dirt wood chips; they race each other from the swing sets to the slides without any awareness of how truly luxurious it can be to own a pair of shoes. Alternatively, for a child living in a developing country, shoes are not readily available.

Although shoes are in the category of a necessity for all children, not all can afford a pair of shoes.

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10 Baby Steps to Going Green for Any Size Company

CSR & Environmentally Friendly Companies Going Green

Take a look at any of the top trends for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2015, and it is guaranteed that becoming more environmentally friendly, or “going green,” is one of them. Now more than ever, companies are implementing "green" measures not only because the believe it is the right thing to do, but also because they are finding it helps them stay competitive. The following are some simple steps you and your company can take today to decrease its impact on the environment while also saving some money in the process.

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