Forward Schedule of Changes Report Summary

Report lists all currently scheduled changes in Giva's RFC Change Enablement hosted solution.

The Forward Schedule of Changes (FSC) communicates change plans to all key IT and business team stakeholders. It details all the approved changes and the proposed implementation dates, which can change if conflicts arise. The FCS report provides important visibility to key stakeholders of IT changes being made to the production environment. The RFC change calendar is a more visual way of looking at FCS report and is an excellent complement and tool for planning changes especially in a complex change environment.
The FSC helps plan changes and avoid change conflicts. It also helps with staffing resources to make sure that people are available immediately after critical changes are implemented in case a backout plan must be implemented. After RFCs are implemented, it can be used as an input for root cause analysis in Problem Management.
The goal of implementing changes is to meet the goals of the business and not for the convenience of IT. Therefore, RFCs will often be made on weekends and early morning so as not to impact the business.
Giva's ITIL Forward Schedule of Changes Report lists all currently scheduled changes in your organization.
You may query for Service Group(s) and a date range. The date range automatically defaults to the start date. This makes it easy to see what changes took place in the last 24 hours and those scheduled for the next month. This report allows the IT service desk to plan support resources to be available based on the volume and types of changes scheduled.
Change Management Forward Schedule of Changes Report
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