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Service Level Agreements: What Are SLA Compliance Reports and How to Measure Success

Measuring Success with SLA Compliance Reports

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In the software and IT sector, software companies and IT help desks and service centers manage customer relationships and expectations using Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Service Level Agreements are integral to the smooth running of relationships between IT help desks and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, cloud-providers, other technology vendors, and customers.

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Our Big List of As-A-Service Acronyms

Our Big List of As A Service Acronyms

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The cloud is so much more than new-era data storage. It has grown to offer services of all kinds to businesses, healthcare organizations, educational faculties, and more. You may already be familiar with "Software as a Service" or the SaaS meaning. While that is a well-known expansion of cloud as a service, there are many other acronyms you may be unaware of. Each acronym reflects another capable service of the cloud — one or more of which may be of value to you and your organization. Continue reading as we have created a master listing of each service related to today's cloud technology.

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What Is a Maturity Model in ITIL & ITSM?

ITIL Maturity Model

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Businesses and organizations constantly need to monitor performance and identify areas of improvement. Maturity models are a tool, often used in IT departments, customer-centric organizations, and software companies, to measure the success of management processes, styles, and IT systems.

In this article, we are focusing on the use of the following maturity models in companies' operations:

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7 Ways to Improve Customer Data Privacy Management and Software

Customer Data Privacy Management

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Customer data privacy management is essential in all business sectors, not only from a legal perspective, but as part of the customer experience. Customers trust organizations and service providers with their information and personal data.

Any organization that fails to provide reasonable and adequate safeguards for personal information and data is in breach of what customers and legislation expects.

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Unpacking Average Handle Time (AHT) and Call Center Quality Service

Fast Call Center Average Handle Time (AHT)

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Average Handle Time (AHT) is one of the most important metrics in call centers, help desks, and contact centers. 

Alongside first call resolution, churn rates, and customer satisfaction metrics (e.g. Net Promoter Scores, Customer Satisfaction Scores, and Customer Effort Scores), AHT is closely monitored by team managers, operations managers, and senior customer service leaders.

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Conversational Customer Service and Quality: Are You Keeping Up With Customer Experience Trends?

Conversational Customer Service & CX Trends

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Gone are the days when all a company needed to make sales was a good product. Sure, that still matters, but customer priorities have changed. Nowadays, it is the customer experience¬†management strategy that can make or break the success of an organization. The good news is that organizations are picking up on new customer trends and interests. For example, data collected by SuperOffice and shared through Forbes shows 45.9% of organizations place customer experience (CX) as their top priority — ahead of product and pricing. What is driving this shift in priorities? The same data source notes that 86% of customers have paid more for a product or service simply because they had a more enjoyable customer service experience.

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B2B Customer Journey vs Experience Journey Mapping

Customer Journey vs Experience Journey Mapping

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Before the Internet, business to business (B2B) customer journeys were simpler, linear, and customers had less control. Sellers controlled the flow of information and were often the ones to initiate contact.

Salespeople and marketing teams pulled potential customers into the sales funnel, except for word-of-mouth referrals and those who went seeking solutions to their problems. The digital age changed all of that.

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Life After Covid: 5 Types of Post-Pandemic Consumer Behavior Trends to Emerge

Post-Pandemic Consumer Behavior Trends

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In March 2020, the world changed forever. A global pandemic was declared, known as Covid-19. Over 600 million people have been infected and 6.4 million have died worldwide according to the WHO, Covid-19 dashboard.

Over time, enforced restrictions have started to ease and life is returning to normal. People are going out. Industries that were badly affected during the pandemic, such as restaurants, leisure, travel, and healthcare, are slowly returning to pre-pandemic traffic patterns.

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5 Ways Companies Are Boosting Resilience in the Workplace

Workplace Resilience

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Before the pandemic, businesses were struggling to build and maintain workplace cultures that kept employees engaged and motivated. Since the pandemic, building and sustaining healthy, happy, and resilient workplace cultures is an even greater challenge.

A resilient workforce is more important than ever before.

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Project Management Software vs. Ticket Management Software: Do You Need Both?

Project Management vs. Ticket Management Software

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Project managers (PMs) and IT support specialists serve critical roles in a modern organization.

PMs have many responsibilities — running meetings, planning and scheduling, managing resources and budgets, analyzing reports, delegating tasks, and more.

Like PMs, IT support specialists are responsible for juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. IT service or help desk employees analyze, troubleshoot, evaluate and resolve technical issues for an organization's customers and clients, among other things.

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