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Giva Salutes: Greyston Bakery

Greyston Bakery

In the early 1980s, Bernie Glassman saw a need among individuals in the Yonkers community for a second chance at life. Yonkers has the highest concentration of poverty in Westchester County, with 18.5% of Southwest Yonkers residents living below the poverty line and 11% being unemployed. When Glassman opened Greyston Bakery in 1982, he made it his mission to give the hard-to-employ a way out of poverty.

Greyston Bakery employs an Open Hiring™ Model. Anyone who comes to the bakery is given a chance to work, no questions asked. The bakery uses a waiting list, and as soon as a job becomes available, it is given to the next person on the list. Because the bakery trains its employees in baking and employment readiness skills during an apprenticeship period, any individual can work, regardless of background or work history.

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Blockchain Startup Chainalysis Helping to Arrest Cyber Criminals

Bitcoin Tracking Cybercrime

For the past several years, bitcoin has been a way to keep financial transactions discreet. It is incredibly difficult to trace, because it does not pass through a financial institution, and it is secure because it requires a two factor identification that uses a public key and a PIN combined with a mathematical function to allow a transaction.

This has made it easy for ransomware hackers to extort money by decrypting the victim's files. These types of attackers typically demand payment in bitcoin to keep from being traced. But for the past two years, Chainalysis, a bitcoin-tracing tech startup, has been selling its product to law enforcement agencies around the world.

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Healthcare Industry Wants to Increase Cybersecurity

Healthcare Industry Increasing Cybersecurity

The Healthcare industry will forever be the target of cyber attacks due to the wide array of information included in the healthcare record. The 2016 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey released in August shows that most healthcare executives are elevating data security as a business priority.

The survey asked 150 IT security leaders if they planned to increase cybersecurity awareness, in which case 85 percent of respondents said that they did. The numbers show that data security is an issue of concern for employees who handle information in the US health sector.

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5 Small Life Transformations You Can Make Today to Create Positive Change

Positive Life Changes

Change is hard. It is often uncomfortable and unwanted, but it is a necessary part of life. Thankfully, kindness is a sort of change that is easy to make. While most of us cannot give a lot of money away to nonprofit organizations or relocate to an underdeveloped country to tend to the poor and sick, this is not the only way to ignite positive change. Here is a great list of 5 simple, yet effective, ways to make positive changes on a micro level.

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Mobile Help Desk & Customer Service in the Cloud

Giva eMobile

Before it was called the "cloud," Giva was at the forefront of providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for help desks, call/contact centers, and customer service support groups. As web technology has improved, Giva has made it a priority to provide elegant and easy-to-use systems for today's user.

With the growth of mobile use, Giva has continued to provide our customers with an elegant and easy-to-use system for technicians and customer support personnel to provide superb customer service to their users.

Giva's recently launched next generation mobile application is called eMobile and is a HIPAA-compliant, HTML 5 version of our help desk and customer service software. It is unique from all other mobile applications since it is completely browser-based, not requiring any application to download or install, and works with the most commonly-used mobile operating systems and devices, such as iOS and Android.

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The Importance of Good Grammar in Customer Service Chat

Customer Service Chat & Grammar

It is no secret that in the digital age, convenience and instant gratification are king. Convenience and speed are evident everywhere from cloud servers to text message jargon. Everything is designed and cultivated to be as quick as possible. But perhaps some things are meant to happen just a little bit slower.

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Giva Salutes: Figure Skating in Harlem

Figure Skating in Harlem

At Giva we search for organizations, large and small, that are doing a great job of changing the world around them for the better; and we are pleased to salute them here!

Early adolescence is a critical period for girls. In New York City, many early adolescent girls fall behind boys in academic test scores. Girls who are 10 to 14 years of age are more likely to commit suicide than boys of the same age, and they have a higher chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. One in six girls are at risk for obesity; according to the US Department of Health and Services, racial and ethnic minorities have a higher chance for being obese, and of these minorities, African-American women have the highest risk.

One approach to tackling these issues is through participation in sports, which scientific research has linked to better physical, mental, and physiological health, as well as better social interaction. New York Women's Foundation has said that the most effective programs for girls emphasize positive development, treat girls as resources, provide girls-only programming, and work with girls over a long period of time.

These qualities are present in Figure Skating in Harlem (FSH), a revolutionary non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Sharon Cohen. It promotes physical and emotional health and academic achievement. After nearly two decades, it remains the only education and ice skating program of its kind in the United States. Its mission is to use figure skating as a draw to provide young, underserved girls with education and fitness programs in a safe and supportive environment.

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Healthcare IT Professionals Making Data Security a Priority

Healthcare Data Security

The health IT spending intentions survey conducted by TechTarget reveals that security is a top priority in the healthcare industry. The healthcare record is a valuable target for hackers and scammers, as it contains personal information, medical history and payment information.

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Artificial Intelligence Sees Increased Investment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business & Thinking

As technology has developed, humans have been able to create machines that have the computing power to do incredible things. We can get from place to place using navigation applications such as Google Maps and Waze and track calorie consumption, sleeping habits and exercise efficiency with tools like the Fitbit. We can even start our cars remotely from our cell phones. All of these advancements in smartphone and Internet of Things technology have led tech advocates to the same question: What's the next big thing?

The answer could be artificial intelligence, or AI.

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Case Studies in CSR: Samsung "Solve for Tomorrow" Contest

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

The 6th annual Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest wrapped up earlier this year, and in doing so, provided $2 million in Samsung Technology to public schools across the United States. The Solve for Tomorrow Contest was launched in 2010 by Samsung to support and encourage science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education among K-12 students. The goal is to increase students' enthusiasm for STEM learning while also encouraging them to use that learning to help make a difference in their community. Samsung partners with BrainPoP, the National Environmental Education Foundation, and Adobe to make this contest possible. Entry into the contest is straightforward: contestants make a two-minute video describing how their project improves their community.

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