B Labs: B the Change

B Lab, the nonprofit behind B Corps, believes there is a different framework for success in business—the organization encourages businesses to be the best for the world, rather than merely the best in their respective industries. The nonprofit created the B Corporation certification, and awards for-profits this title if they demonstrate committed vows to transparency, accountability, sustainability, and performance.

B Lab Logo

In recent years, B Lab has fought to pass legislation in over 27 different states. The organization is advocating for the creation of a new type of corporation, a "Benefit Corporation," that promises to create measurable positive changes.

Over 1,000 businesses from over 33 countries have been recognized by B Lab for their influence in helping solve environmental and social ails around the world. Each certified company signs a Declaration of Interdependence and promises to be responsible for current and future generations. Through this commitment, certified corporations help improve the quality of life for citizens and their communities.

Once a Benefit Corporation has been founded and certified, B Labs helps connect entrepreneurs to specific corporations which appeal to their unique ideas for social change. The Benefit Corporation label gives selected leaders the leverage to turn their aspirations into actionable plans.

Benefit Corporations also have access to B Analytics, a user-customizable online service for measuring and reporting on the impact of private companies. It is the world's largest database of verified social and environmental impact data, and lists over 10,000 companies to compare and search. This information helps a dedicated workforce decide which companies are genuinely invested in human and environmental welfare.

B Lab is currently aiming to pass Benefit Corporation legislation in more than 14 states, hosting business related events, and helping companies discover their power for good. B Lab truly is a nonprofit that embodies the spirit of corporate social responsibility.