Arby's Fight to End Childhood Hunger in America

"Help Arby's fight to end child hunger; when kids eat, they feel stronger," reads Arby's online advertisement for its annual fundraiser.

Running from August 3 until September 13, Arby's restaurants is currently holding its 2015 National Restaurant Fundraiser, with a goal to help end childhood hunger in America. For every dollar donated by a diner at this popular restaurant chain, Arby's will donate up to ten meals to hungry children in need.

Arby's Fighting Childhood Hunger

Upon donating $1 or more to this cause, diners will be given the option to sign their names on pin-up cards, thereby pledging their support. These cards will be hung on the walls of the restaurant. In addition, donating diners will be given a coupon for a free small shake or turnover on their next visit.

"Most of us don't realize it is happening in our own communities everyday," Paul Brown, CEO of Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc., discusses the pressing issue of childhood hunger. Currently, 16 million children living in America experience the challenges of childhood hunger each year. Through this fundraiser, Brown hopes his company's efforts will boost awareness of the cause, as well as raise money through donations. Ultimately, the restaurant chain seeks to play a large role in ending childhood hunger in America.

Having already raised over $11 million since 2011, the fundraiser has made an enormous impact on fighting childhood hunger. Successfully operating as a fundraiser for the past four years, Arby's makes a positive difference in the lives of children in need. The chain of restaurants has also partnered with No Kid Hungry, resulting in an additional 345 million meals provided to hungry kids.

In addition to the fundraiser, Arby's has also been working in another way to help American children struggling with hunger. The company runs School's Out, Food's In, a summer meals program that helps feed children not in school during the summer months, therefore unable to receive free or reduced school lunches. Although free or reduced-price school lunches are provided to over 21 million children in America during the school year, only 3 million children receive free summer meals. This program enables children to use meal cards, providing over 1.6 million individuals with free lunches since May. Furthermore, the Arby's Foundation has invested an unprecedented $4 million dollars in the Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry Campaign.

"Children should enjoy their summer vacations and not have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. Arby's is stepping up to make summer better for the families who otherwise may not have access to a meal," Brown adds.

Working hard to make an impact on the lives of hungry children struggling to find their next meal, Arby's epitomizes the way corporations can improve the lives of those in surrounding communities. Although childhood hunger in America is an immensely challenging issue to tackle, Arby's is vigorously aiming towards ending it for good.

"Ending childhood hunger is a winnable challenge, but it takes dedicated corporations, policy makers, non-profits, and individual citizens to come together and make it a reality," Kate Atwood, executive director of the Arby's Foundation, elaborates.