Realized Worth: Motivating Employees to Find Their “Epiphanies”

It might be tempting to obsess over material goods. The value of the cars we drive, the homes we own, and the paychecks we receive all seem to carry exceedingly heavy weights. But according to one CSR consulting firm, rather than deriving our self worth from material possessions, we need to lend a hand to those in need to truly "find" ourselves.

Realized Worth labels this process of uncovering ourselves through service as an "epiphany."

Realized Worth

Founded in 2008, this CSR consultancy works with companies to help plan, create, and implement volunteering and donation programs. Realized Worth seeks to engage employees, providing them with the skill sets and knowledge necessary to practice social responsibility.

The firm's programs work like a two-way street. Employees benefit because they find self-fulfillment when they assist others. Companies benefit because their employees transform into community leaders. Businesses, according to Realized Worth, are the liaison between individuals and a better world.

Realized Worth offers a variety of presentations and workshops. This relatively young firm has presented for Google, Charities@Work, Accenture, and VolunteerMatch, among others.

By scheduling a phone call, companies can learn more about how the Realized Worth team can help. For more information on this program, they may be reached at 855-926-4678 or [email protected].