The Giva Challenge: Giva Customers are Talking! Dataram

With the advent of new technology comes the heavy responsibility of providing customer support and bandwidth to keep ahead of the dynamic growth of that technology. And even nano-second delays count in this day and age. Enter Dataram, a leading independent manufacturer of memory products and provider of performance solutions guaranteeing the performance of their products. Over the course of several decades, Dataram has developed premier memory, storage and software solutions to support its ever-growing database of customers.


Dataram hit a bump in the road to continued success when preparing to launch RAMdisk, a new high volume software product. This was in tandem with beginning a new partnership with Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) for branded memory. The stakes were too high to fail. They had been using BMC TrackIT!® for many years to accommodate their IT customer support needs. But in their quest to advance the required service parameters for this new customer base, in addition to existing customers and Dataram's internal IT infrastructure, their existing software was no longer a viable option.

"We were referred to Giva from a peer IT Director using Giva at another nearby company. We compared the capability and cost of Giva to BMC TrackIT!®, BMC FootPrints®, ZenDesk®, SysAid®, Manage Engine Service Desk Plus® and FrontRange HEAT®. Giva was the best and most cost effective solution that met our requirements." said Sam Maze, Dataram's IT Director.

Since deploying the Giva Service Management Suite, including Giva® eCustomerService™, eKnowledgeManager™ and Giva eHelpDesk™ in the cloud as their customer service solution, Dataram has experienced the following improvements over their previous service provider:

  • 70% more intuitive, functional and easier to use
  • 50% increase in meeting service level agreements
  • 40% increase in development department effectiveness
  • 40% increase in productivity by using the Giva knowledge base
  • 70% better technical support than any other technology vendor
  • 70% increase in productivity of customer service department
  • 60% increase in teamwork between development and customer service departments
  • 60% increase in productivity using Giva reports
  • Spend only 5 hours/month on reporting and get superior results
  • 70% decrease in total cost of ownership

Mr. Maze commented, "It was very easy to get up and running on Giva. We did not have to worry about building, configuring and deploying servers, etc. We have realized a decrease in annual total cost of ownership of approximately 70%. In summary, Giva is a very cost effective solution and we do not have to worry about managing and maintaining servers and application software. Giva is an exceptional cloud service that works great for us. We are very happy with Giva."

To learn more about how Giva helped Dataram to achieve and exceed their goals, see the entire case study.

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