View Your RFC Plans & Histories with Giva

See your plans and histories in Giva's RFC change enablement app.

View 2 types of content in the Plans & History tab:
  1. User-entered updates
  2. System-generated updates
Giva's Plans & History tab contains all the Implementation, Test and Backout Plans. It also has attached files, including affected IT assets. It's a valuable component of Giva's ITIL change management tool, as it contains complete and permanent histories of all requests that you've managed through the Giva system.
Change Management Plans
The Change History field is a diary field (no edit). This is where reviewers and others enter notes. It is also where Giva's change management app automatically documents changes to the RFC:
Change Management History
Compliance: Giva is ITIL® aligned and HIPAA and SOX compliant.
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